Disclaimer: The purpose of this project is for people to see some of my early designs back from my teenage years. This project by no means reflects my current abilities; I recommend you look at my other projects for that. 
This is more like a story I wish to share with anyone that's interested on how it all started for me.

Logo works
from a self-taught teenager with Procreate

Logos for small businesses
So, to get started with my portfolio, I decided to design logos for free. The requirements for getting a free logo were that you had to be in need of one, patient, and not able to pay. I created a Facebook page and received lots of requests. 
Over the time it became quite overwhelming, as people began demanding theirs should be done first, and some even offered bribes to go first! It was definitely a mixed experience, but I learned some lessons along the way.

These are some of the ones I finished, along with some conceptual designs:

Logos for school groups, projects, and hackathons
As a student, there were times that we required to make a logo for our projects. I was always the designated person for this, so here are some of the ones I elaborated, keep in mind that they may include copyright free resources from the Internet.

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